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Cooking Ideas Using Low Fat Chicken Sausage

por Madelaine Tunstall (2018-07-26)

Many individuals are making a dietary switch to leaner, healthier protein options in their daily lives. A great example of this movement is the conversion from regular pork sausage to low fat chicken sausage. Containing less than half the fat of regular pork sausage, chicken sausage is a leaner and more practical meat option for those concerned with their health and weight loss or weight management.

What are you to do with this meat once you decide to make the switch? The options are endless! Here are a few ideas to help those using low fat sausage as a low fat alternative protein get started in the kitchen.

Pasta Dishes - A very common and delicious way to incorporate chicken sausage into a meal is by means of a classic pasta dish. Often paired with tomato based sauces, Italian sausage can add a spicy kick to pasta. Making the dish using Italian sausage made from chicken instead of pork is a great way to keep the authenticity of a traditional dish while keeping it low fat.

Gumbos - Sausage is always a favorite in Cajun-style gumbos. Replacing the pork with chicken sausage keeps the spicy flavor in while adding a slightly different texture to the mix. Cutting the fat content also allows for those watching what they eat to eat more of their favorite gumbo.

Hot Dogs - Give an old American favorite a new twist by using Chicken bratwurst sausages in place of a regular beef or pork bratwurst. It is a classic with a great new and healthy taste.

Breakfast - Sausage is probably most commonly jajanan sosis goreng seen on the breakfast plate. Patties and links make up an arguably almost mandatory protein option for what some call the most important meal of the day. Patties of chicken sausage and low fat sausage links are both available and taste just as good, if not better with eggs and toast.

Pizza - A favored ingredient for many pizza lovers is Italian sausage. Replacing pork with chicken on your favorite pie is not only easy, but tastes just as great, if not better. Some delivery and carry-out places even carry chicken sausage as a topping for their pizzas. It is definitely worth asking for.

Seasoning - Cooking with ham or sausage in the South just for flavoring is a common practice. Throwing a few chunks of sausage in a pot of green beans or black-eyed peas gives them just the right amount of extra flavor. Adding chicken sausage to these dishes rather than pork still gets the job done while leaving out over half of the fat.

It is easy to see that the options in the kitchen for using low fat chicken sausage as an alternative protein are almost endless. And what average human being would not want to cut their fat intake in half while still eating some of their favorite pasta dishes or a slice of supreme pizza? Low fat sausage is clearly a smart, healthy, and delicious choice for anyone and any meal.