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Kopi Luwak - The World's Most Expensive and Strangest Coffee

por Zak Christie (2018-10-14)

Coffee is the worlds most popular beverage and the worlds second biggest commodity, second only to oil. Those are some impressive statements. People enjoy a fresh cup of brew in the morning, with lunch, at work and it is a standard after dinner drink. Its popularity is probably best illustrated by the very long lines at Starbucks and the coffee shops that now dot most major street corners in the United States, Europe and pretty much everywhere other place on the globe. But while it enjoys overall popularity, It is enjoyed in different ways from one to country to the next. In the Middle East, Turkish coffee, a very thick and super strong coffee is a favorite while in Europe you will find lots of Espresso and Cappuccino drinkers and in the States, well we like it all, even the sometimes bland super market breakfast blends.

Coffee is not cheap by any means, at least not the gourmet varieties. Coffee beans are costly and it seems the better the quality, the better the brew in the cup but the more expensive it gets. But no coffee costs as much as the infamous and probably quite gross proposition to some is Kopi Luwak.

Kopi Luwak Coffee - Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee and Luwak is the local name of the animals that eat the raw red coffee cherries as part of their usual diet. The animals eat a mixed diet of insects, small mammals and fruits along with the softer outer part of the coffee cherry but do not digest the inner coffee beans. Instead it excretes them still covered in some inner layers of the cherry. The robust taste of the coffee is intensified through the process of the digesting of the beans.

Gourmet coffee has become a major luxury in today's market. People who appreciate the perplexity of how that flavor is accomplished will gravitate toward more coffee flavors. The more rare and expensive a coffee is only adds to the enjoyment and the wonderment. Kopi Luwak coffee sells for anywhere between $150.00 and $450.00 per pound.

If you have any sort of inquiries regarding where and how you can utilize kopi herbal, you could contact us at the site. Remember, distributor kopi dynamic Luwak is produced only in Indonesia and only arrives at its best when passed through the digestive tract of the Indonesian civet, which is in the family of Viverridae. When it comes to the best, most unusual coffee in the world, distributor kopi dynamic Luwak Coffee is the one with a story to tell and the one to enjoy.