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Indian Tourism - Its Destiny

por Toni Fergerson (2018-09-13)

Though the name of India is not included by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) among the top ten courtiers of the world in terms of "most visited" by numbers of travelers, in terms of tourism earners, in terms of most visited attractions, still the Indian economy has been boosted by new emerging trends of various types of Indian tourism and it continues to grow. There are a number of factors responsible for the growth of Indian tourism at global level. India is a peaceful country without any political disturbance except for few destinations where a tourist is required to get special permission from local authority to enter into that area. The country has a federal structure with elected Governments in States. There are 28 states and 7 Union Territories administered directly by the Central Government. There is healthy competition of tour packages among all the states to attract the tourists from all over the world for speedy economic growth and employment generation. Not only this Ministry of Tourism and Culture has recently launched a campaign called 'Incredible India!' in order to encourage different types of tourism in India.

The Andaman and Nicobar Island, located in the Bay of Bengal, is another popular destination for beach holiday. Along with breathtaking beauty of nature, beaches here offer opportunity to enjoy a wide range of water sports like scuba-diving, snorkeling, wind surfing and sunbathing.

When being on holiday in India, you have a myriad of things to do and see. From captivating natural beauty to interesting history Wildlife Tourism in Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Corbett National Park and many others; Medical Tourism in South India where the city of Chennai attracts around 45% of medical tourists from foreign countries; Eco Tourism in Kaziranga National Park, Gir National Park and <a href="">Kanha National</a> Park etc; Cultural Tourism at Pushkar fair, Taj Mahotsav, and Suraj Kund mela etc; Water Tourism in Goa, Kerala,
Chennai, Orissa, Maharashtra etc.

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Fishing line matters in almost every situation. No matter property (<a href="">씨트람.com</a>) if you are out for a mostly relaxing day on the water or if you're a serious angler, you don't want to cheap out when it comes to buying your line. The type of environment you'll be casting into will play a big role in determining which kind of line you want to purchase. Again, this is where talking to someone with some expertise can come in handy. You don't need to buy the most expensive roll on the shelf, but you should at least make sure the line you get is appropriate for the circumstances.

If you want to attract fish to your hook, you'll need to make sure you're outfitted with bait or lures that will do just that. There are endless schools of thought when it comes to buying the right bait for the right occasion. Walk into any bait shop and you'll quickly find yourself overwhelmed with choices. Try to keep a cool head about you. Make sure that you buy the appropriate hooks for your bait. Some areas may have restrictions on what type of bait you can use, which forces the choice into the artificial lures section. Talk to someone familiar with local fishing and see what he or she can recommend for your purposes.

Featuring a strange combination of relaxation, interspersed with moments of sheer excitement, there's really nothing like fishing, especially if you enjoy the water. If you like the taste of grilling up fresh fish, that's even better! If you want to maximize your enjoyment, there are some things you should bring with you on your trip.

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Research, plan, and perform!
Tourism is not just about visiting a country. A tourist may visit a country for various reasons. For example, many tourists from different parts of the world see India as a hub of medical tourism. So is the adventure tourism sector which offers mountaineering, skiing, ice skating, paragliding, and rock climbing opportunities in some of the country's finest landscapes, seas and ice capped mountains. Further cruise tourism which is very popular in the Caribbean, Latin America and some South-east Asian countries is gaining foothold in India's vast coastlines and unexplored jungles and destinations. Rural tourism, eco-tourism are also good potentials for India's tourism sector. It is high time the Ministry of Tourism focuses more on eco-tourism as it will serve as an educative tool for domestic and foreign tourists in observing wildlife, learning about the environment and understanding and conservation of the environment. Hence, understanding and solving these issues becomes all the more important. For this, the country needs well chalked out plans, funds from different sources, adequate manpower, and updated technology, round the clock concerted coordination between the various ministries and private players and above all the urge to make India the most favoured tourist destination in the country.