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Eco-Tourism and Major Eco-Tourism Destinations in India

por Christa Comstock (2018-09-18)

Honduras is economically, one of the poorest countries in the region but its tourism industry is doing well. If you are planning for a vacation and you are having a low budget then Honduras is one of the best destinations for you. It is regarded as a perfect low budget adventure destination whose main source of income is tourism. Although, this country is also dependent on export of agricultural products but at present it is giving more importance to tourism and is trying hard to stay in the competitive market.

Tourism is getting more important these days and its popularity is rising day by day. Its revenue proves its success. Tourism has today become one of the largest industries globally. It was not so important few years ago but today it affects the global economy and helps in earning foreign currency. Honduras tourism is very popular all over the world. Honduras gives priority to tourism as it believes that tourism is one of the most beneficial industries of the country. Tourism not only gets Honduras, foreign currency but it also strengthens it national identity.

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Ecotourism is new phenomenon in tourism industry, which is fast gaining the popularity among travellers worldwide. It is in fact an approach to preserve the natural treasures of a destination, appreciate its history of the environment without disturbing the integrity of the ecosystem. The major aim of ecotourism is to give the social welfare of the locals a boost and protect the ecology of the destination. The factors contributing to its <a href="">popularity</a> are not just one or two but are many. And the foremost one is that it gives the tourists a chance of being in close of nature and peep into local property [<a href=""></a>] cultures. Eco-tourism entertains the visitors in a way that is minimally intrusive and destructive to the local environment. It also built the natural and cultural awareness and provides the financial benefit to the locals.

Nowadays, special packages for eco-tourism in India are offered by many travel companies. Such packages are designed to cater specific need of travellers and ensure them an experience they’ve been seeking for.

Copan is flooded with beaches that are just amazing and attract the tourists from all parts of the world. This place is considered as the Athens of ancient Mayan civilization. If you love natural scenery and singular beauty of beaches then Honduras is a perfect place for a vacation with your family or friends. It is believed that Honduras has huge tourism potential. This country has come up with great tourism in the recent past and is doing well to develop in this field. Honduras is ready to take all the challenges by developing tourism destinations, as Honduras is much dependent on its tourism and gives much priority to tourism industry.

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The main aim of Honduras tourism is to prove that yet Honduras is a small country of America, it can beat any nation with its tourism diversity. It is really a five star country with all the pleasures and excitement you can demand for, while <a href="">exploring</a> any big country of America.

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If you’re an avid explorer and want to see something really exotic, plan a trip to Leh Ladakh! Known as the ‘roof of the world’, this North Indian Territory boasts an incredible beauty of nature. Tourists to Andaman can see vivid components of nature, ranging from rugged terrains to scintillating lakes and rivers and lush green forests to deserted dunes. Hopping on the snow-capped mountains and frozen rivers and glaciers give the tourists an exhilarating feel.