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Brazil Tourism: Expectations from Rio Olympic

por Maple Halfey (2018-09-18)

Since medical tourism destinations play a major in economy improvement, Panama also has shown its economy improvement through these medical achievements that heavily relies on the industries. Panama has independently negotiated with free agreement regarding the trade with United States during the year 2006 rather than participating in CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement). Finally, panama has got its wide opportunities with the medical tourism and also with other types of services like real estates, tourism related services etc.

<img src="" alt="property" title="property (c)" style="max-width:400px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Today in world there are number of tourist destination which are always on the must visit list for both first time as well as frequent visitors. In this regard, Brazil is one of such country which is always on of the destination which an international visitor wants to visit once. Brazil, which is largest country in both South American as well as Latin American region is fifth largest country in the world. Travel and tourism sector of Brazil is one of the fastest growing sector and key to economic development of various regions within country. <a href="">Revenue</a> from tourism sector was estimated to be $6 billion in 2010 which has shown a clear recovery from the <a href="">economic recession</a> of 2008-2009 period. Brazilian tourism has numerous offerings for the visitors visiting the country. It has range of tourism such as eco-tourism, contemporary tourism and cultural and heritage tourism which can be explored by the tourists. Its beaches, Amazon rain forests, cultural tourism, vibrant cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janerio are some of the main tourist attraction which attracts millions of visitors every year, for example more than 5 million international tourists visited Brazil in 2011.

Mistake 1: Brochure is created as a sole fighter in the battle field of marketing. It is use lonely, separately with no support from other tool of marketing. There is no marketing plan as a base for your brochure. We create the brochure because the other has it, even a lot of it. And second reason is if we do a travel and hospitality business without having a brochure, it seems not to be a tourism business.

The Call of Wild: India has a rich vivid wildlife that has been a major draw for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts from across the world. Here you can ride an elephant guided by a Mahout, spot the most endangered one-horned rehino, Royal Bengal Tiger and Asian lions, and a number of bird’s species moving freely in lush green jungles. The country has taken several steps to protect its wildlife. A number of sanctuaries and national parks have been established to where wild animals are protected and preserved. Hunting of wild animals is prohibited. For those who wish to experience the rich wild legacy of India, there are plenty of places to visit. The most popular ones include Kanha Wildlife Sanctuary, Giri National Park, kaziranga National Park, Corbett National Park and Peruyar wildlife Sanctuary.

Brazilian tourism is supported by various tour operators and agencies existing within and outside Brazil. In this regard `Brazil Nuts´ is one such tour operator which is based in United States and specializes in Brazilian tour packages to people from US who want to visit Brazil. As a tour operator `Brazil Nuts´ has more than 29 years of experience under its belt in providing Brazil tourism related services to tourists visiting from United States. With change of tourism trend, this organisation has also accordingly adopted itself towards the new trends in tourism. That is why from time to time it has launched dedicated packaged for tourists based on adventure, culture & heritage and eco-tourism.

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It ranks as top tourist destinations for people visiting South America property (<a href=""></a>) region. In 2012, revenue from tourism generated for Brazil was approximately $7 billion. With soccer world cup scheduled to begin from June´2014 it is expected that economic impact resulting from the event will reach $180 billion by year 2019. With several positives associated with Brazil tourism, there are various issues and challenges as well faced by the tourism sector of Brazil.

The Andaman and Nicobar Island, located in the Bay of Bengal, is another popular destination for beach holiday. Along with breathtaking beauty of nature, beaches here offer opportunity to enjoy a wide range of water sports like scuba-diving, snorkeling, wind surfing and sunbathing.

Medical tourism industry has been growing rapidly in Malaysia during recent years. People from several countries seeking healthcare treatment in Malaysia has been increased to 296, 687 patients during the year 2006. Previously, it was about 75,210 during the year 2001. Year by year, number of people from all over the world for seeking healthcare is increasing. The association of private hospitals in Malaysia is expecting 30% growth during the year 2010.