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Menstruation and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

por Evie Brewer (2018-09-22)

babyIt has always been a part of a woman's life to have their 'visitor' every month - that is, their monthly menstruation. During this time, it has been expected that women somehow change temporarily in a lot of things (also known as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) for some). First, a sudden mood change: they can swing from one mood to another in a couple of minutes, period problems seconds even. More often than not, they get irritated, even at small details. It cannot be denied that some feel fat or bloated when having their periods. Of course, having pimples is also a way of detection, more so when it appears before you have your menstruation.
For some women, motherhood however, menstruation may not be a regular thing. A lot of women have irregularities in this area - for symptoms some, menstruation may come later than expected (a week or two of delay perhaps), for others, they might be considered lucky if they have their periods once or twice a year, or every three months. In worst case scenarios, they might not have their menstruation at all (which might be trouble and needs immediate attention, in any case).
Women with problems regarding their periods might as well take an expert advice from doctors, as this may lead to even greater problems. Seemingly-harmless symptoms should be taken seriously. Menstruation problems can also be seen as a way of determining other complications. Together with an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol plus weight gain, among other symptoms, this might be classified as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
PCOS, as it is also well-known, affects women with problems with their irregular menstrual cycle and ovulation flows. Cysts were said to be in the affected woman's ovaries. The symptoms, taken separately, might be mistaken for other medical conditions. To be on the safe side, it might be better to have a professional discern what medical problem you are having.
The best way to cure (and perhaps avoid) this syndrome is to live a healthy life; as much as possible, free of vices too. Exercise would be the best weapon to lose weight, along with a healthy diet. Having the will and courage to do so (lose weight, that is) will immensely help in achieving this goal. The proper mindset and focus can make things work even better. Some doctors might advise you to take medication.
The choice is yours - it is your health that we are talking about.