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Annual or Single Trip Travel Insurance – which to choose?

por Jordan Lyon (2018-09-24)

When it comes to what to do and see in India, remarkable diversity in the country puts you on ease. There is so much to explore that fabricating your itinerary is just a matter of minutes. However, the key is to try not to <a href="">squeeze</a> in too much. It’s wise to be flexible in regard of time and money, as things in India always don’t go as it’s mentioned in travel books or so. Anyway, your trip to India would be a pleasurable sojourn if you give yourself some time off purely to be.

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India is a mystical land for travelers, thanks to its extraordinary power to inspire, frustrate, thrill and confound the visitors all at once.  This multidimensional country presents a widely diverse spectrum of travel encounters, which can be challenging to explore at once, at least for those who visit India first time. However, thousands of avid explorers from far corners of the globe land at the subcontinent every year to acclimatize to its bamboozling symphony of sights, sounds, tastes and smells.

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So what does an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy offer you over a single trip policy? Firstly, the more trips you take in a year, the more cost effective an annual policy will be and one purchase lasts the whole year. Many annual travel insurance policies have options, such as Winter Sports cover, included as standard but do check the small print. It is normally possible to extend the individual trip duration for a small extra premium, say from the industry standard of 31 days a trip to 60 or 90 days, which is a much cheaper option than buying a single trip policy for the same period.

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But set against this, an annual policy only provides cover for the area you have selected. That is, if you take out an annual policy that provides cover for Europe but then book a holiday later in the year to the USA, then this destination will not be covered so it is something to consider when buying such a policy. The annual policy is a more expensive up front cost though there are some very good internet annual travel insurance deals to be had. Many insurers impose stricter age restrictions for taking out an annual policy compared to the single trip equivalent and there might be restrictions on family annual travel insurance policies that prevent children from travelling independently.

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