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Three Secrets To News Like Tiger Woods

por Keenan Christmas (2018-09-26)

River City Thu Duc
The HCM City People's Committee has approved the RIC Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (Refico) to cooperate with its research partners to propose the project at a 30ha site in Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc District. Refico has just introduced this project as the River City. In December, the HCM City People's Committee issued a decision approving the detailed planning task of 1/500 scale commercial-service apartment complex and office in Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc District. Refico planning with an area of 304,262 m2 (more than 30ha). The boundary of the land area in the east is adjacent to Hanoi Highway, in the West it borders on the Dao Canal, in the South it borders on the existing industrial enterprises, the North borders on the 1 Road.