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2012 Awakening and Global Cataclysm

por Susanna Zavala (2018-10-13)

Magnetic fields have an influence on our psyche. Or the magnetic field of the Earth is fluctuating, as scientists say, in a range of values, reaching even very low values (as before shifting polarity of the poles). There have been several inversions of the magnetic field, and their frequency is very variable: since 780000 years there was none. At the contrary, before that, in 3 millions years there have been 11 inversions.
Since 1839 the magnetic field lost 8.2% of its capacity and it is currently at its lowest level ever measured. In the case of a polar shift the magnetic field decreases progressively, reaching a value close to zero, but never zero. An upcoming polar shift as the one predicted to occur in 2012, the field would be decreasing now. Geodynamics are scientifically hard to predict, yet we are indeed witnessing a fast and strong decrease of the magnetic field of the Earth. This supports the 2012 cataclysm scenario.

<img src="" alt="store directory century square" title="store directory century square (c)" style="max-width:450px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Since the field decreases, the ionosphere reacts. This has an impact on every living being. In the human body, every cell changes its energy blueprint to be in accordance with the basic frequency of the Earth (the Schuman frequency), which is linked to the magnetism of the Earth. In addition, every cell in our body has its own magnetism, and it tends to adapt to the overall magnetism if the Earth.

Over the past 200000 years, Earth has functioned in accordance with a certain Schuman frequency, linked to the magnetism of the Earth. The whole life on Earth was resonant with this range of vibration. There has always existed a superior range of frequencies that was integrated in our vibration field, but these vibrations were more difficult to access for living organisms.

Yoga doctrine has it that the magnetic fields constitute a safety barrier between thought and its manifestation. The higher the magnetic field, the more difficult it is for thoughts to manifest. Lower magnetic fields offer the opportunity for change, thanks to fast materialization of thoughts and feelings.

What happens nowadays is that life on Earth gets progressively access to the more elevated frequencies (events explained also by the passing into the fabled Aquarius era). According to these frequencies doesn't happen automatically; a human needs to 'choose' to adapt to them by choosing the right deeds, attitudes, thoughts, food, etc. Otherwise, the individual will feel more and more un-balanced and <A HREF="">mall directory northgate</A> will be more vulnerable to <a href="">illnesses</a>. This adaptation is done by modifying our <a href="">mind-body-spirit</a> complex, which is in fact made of energy/information/light.

In present times we are witnessing a degradation of global consciousness on Earth: the majority of people feel greed, envy, low desires, and selfishness. Humanity arrived at a stage when the universal values that all religions agree on, are forgotten. Hedonism at any cost is prevailing, at the expense of tolerance, love, unity. The values of society must change, or human kind will destroy all we have created, and Earth itself.

The good news is that amongst humans exist individuals with higher values, teaching others and raising the awareness. Another good thing is the existence of what Rupert Sheldrake calls "morphogenetic fields"- a kind of forming, generating fields. These fields have the role of keeping the knowing of any phenomenon, not only in the living world, but also in the mineral one, or even in the quantum one.
He postulated that the fields were recording in a way all information about different events, and then influencing all beings or objects in a forming way similar with the ones that generated those events, so that the new events would be somehow in accordance with the new blueprint. Thus a living being is not only a biologic material complex, but it is also coupled with a morphogenetic field much more general and which is of energetic, vibratory nature.

By growing the more elevated values of the morphogenetic field, it will be countering the one of the lower desires, and eventually after a certain "critical mass" surpassing it.

Raising his/ her awareness is a gradual process for an individual. It cannot be done spontaneously, for the high majority of people. In this respect 2012 might not be valid date, since it is a too short interval of time. It might be nevertheless the time when a critical mass of people have changed their vibrations and begin to act on a global scale for the better of all, having a strong influence on the rest of humans.  The coincidence of the Global Cataclysm with the Awakening in 2012 may not be a coincidence, but a start for the Awakening to grow after Earth has survived the Global Cataclysm together with a select group of humans.

We can conclude out of this knowledge that rather than being two separate hypotheses, they may go hand in hand and form a logical step for the universe and life within. Both point out major changes and impact on life as we know it on Earth and without doubt, also on other planets within the galaxy.

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