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Will You Rise To The Global Warming Challenge?

por Israel Guthrie (2018-10-20)

<img src="" alt="store directory vancouver mall" title="store directory vancouver mall (c)" style="max-width:440px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">The general consensus among scientists is that global warming is happening, <A HREF="">store directory quarry market</A> and we need to do something about it soon, otherwise we will face serious problems in the future. Most solutions to global warming work around reducing the amount of energy we use, and the amount of emissions produced. This is something that we could do, if more people took global warming seriously.

We need to put solutions to the global warming problem in place now. The temperature of the planet is gradually rising and we have contributed greatly to that increase. We produce large amounts of CO2 emissions through our usage of coal, oil, and natural gas, and those emissions are damaging the ozone layer. Without rapid action, we will cause serious damage on a level that could <a href="">threaten</a> our future on this planet, as the ozone layer will be too thin to protect us from the suns rays.

<u><strong>Time For Common Sense</strong></u>

This is one problem that is not going to just suddenly go away. Some people joke 'it would be nice if it were a few degrees warmer, what is the big deal?' but the problem needs dealt with now. Heat waves are no joke, and can kill the very young, ill, or elderly. Heat waves mean forest fires, which can decimate entire woodlands. Then there are droughts, and the freak storms and winds that occur as the overall increase in temperature alters the weather system.

Reducing usage and waste are big steps towards protecting the planet – even reducing water usage can help. It may not seem like an obvious target, but water does not magically arrive in homes – collecting and treating water takes resources, so reducing how much water you use can have a knock on effect and save a lot of resources.

As an example, Dams are built to collect water, and, while they are often used for hydro-electric power at the same time, the construction of the dam can damage the areas downstream. The dam changes the landscape, and in some cases the damage is irreparable. Sometimes, homes are built on the new land, and, while this may seem like a good thing, those extra homes require even more energy.

Policy makers need to work on a solution to global warming – even if it is merely offering tax incentives to be more environmentally friendly – money is a big motivator, and encouraging businesses to act in environmentally efficient ways would reduce our waste dramatically. Embrace change now, and save the future.