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Bepanah Colors Tv Serial Watch All Episodes

por Rachelle Shephard (2018-11-04)

Bepannah is a romantic mystery drama show that airs on Colors TV. The show premiered on 19 March 2018 and is produced by Cinevistaas Limited.

Aditya Hooda and Zoya Siddiqui are two individuals created through their spouses' betrayal.

Aditya and Zoya's spouses Pooja and Yash are found dead together in the road accident. They discover that 2 were having an affair. Aditya channels his grief into anger while Zoya goes into refusal. She takes over Yash's company and Aditya declares himself her partner after learning Pooja had invested his money into the.

Aditya and Zoya receive divorce papers from their spouses that reach them late. Not able to run because of the truth anymore, Zoya attempts suicide but is saved by Aditya. As the two bond, a mysterious CBI inspector named Rajveer Khanna enters their lives using a relentless hunger to back up for sale behind nuggets. He believes that they may be guilty for the murder for their spouses and frames the two as type of. Having grown to trust one another, Aditya and Zoya engage in the run to prove their innocence.

Aditya's father, Harshvardhan Hooda, a top lawyer, proves them innocent. Zoya reads Pooja's diary and breaks down, learning about the proven fact Pooja was pregnant with Yash's a person. Reeling from the revelations and unable to understand how to react, Aditya reads Pooja's diary trying to understand her side within the story. Broken but resolute, Aditya and Zoya choose move on from their past. Together, they forgive Yash and Pooja. Aditya leaves for Paris, wanting time to mirror on himself, while Zoya focuses on reviving her bankrupt companionship.

6 Months Later:
Zoya can be a successful entrepreneur; Aditya remains in France. Sakshi is being held hostage by Anjana. Zoya supports Noor and Arjun when she comes to learn abour their love for each other. After Aditya returns home, he finds Zoya a more confident and assertive person as they himself is now quieter. Their friendship blooms as they start spending more time together. Aditya feels new emotions arising in his heart for Zoya. He realizes he or she has fallen in love with your wife's.

When Aditya decides to confess to Zoya, he comes to know that Waseem is having to set her up with Arshad Habib, his friend Sohail's son. Jealousy hits Aditya while he sees Arshad and Zoya spending time together. Sakshi is conscious it was Anjana who had murdered Pooja and Yash and warns her of actuality that. In fear to obtain exposed, Anjana pushes Sakshi off a cliff. Aditya fakes a cell phone call to Arshad sending him towards hospital unacquainted with the idea riots were happening on the bottom. Meanwhile, differences arise between Arjun and Noor. Aditya confesses the romance to Zoya due which she misunderstands him and assumes how the fake telephone call was his deliberate hope to hurt Arshad. Amidst the confusion, Zoya agrees to marry Arshad.

Aditya confronts Zoya and asks her to in order to her heart and accept her true feelings but she remains obstinate. His words continue to linger in her mind when the ceremonies be held. She tries faking a smile but realises that is actually genuinely unhappy. On the wedding day, Zoya reminisces her moments with Aditya it is actually unable to answer when asked if she's willing to marry Arshad. Realising Zoya loves Aditya but can't to express, Arshad backs off. Zoya accepts having feelings for Aditya mainly because of which Waseem breaks ties with their. Aditya proposes Zoya and so they get married, the two promising to always love, trust and uphold each other one.

Zoya gets anonymous messages and calls, threatening woman. The blackmailer is revealed to be Rajveer's grandmother. Anjana confesses being indirectly responsible for Pooja and Yash's calamity. Aditya and Zoya attempt to act at war with each other unearth out the truth about Rajveer's actual mobile.

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