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Which Toothbrush Is Right For You?

por Karolin Makinson (2018-11-08)

Do you choose the cheapest one? After all, you're just going to use it and throw it out in a couples months anyway.
According to Vancouver Dentist and owner of Enhance Dental Centre, Galia Anderson, "You might think it doesn't matter which tooth brush you use but when it comes time for your annual check up, you may find yourself needing extra procedures that could have been avoided with the right toothbrush." It is recommended that you choose a soft bristled brush since they are easier on teeth and gums as well as the best option for removing plaque and debris.

Tooth brushes are available in a variety of shapes such as rectangular or tapered and can include easy grip handles or flexible necks for easier access to all corners of your mouth. Owner of Vancouver dental clinic Dr. Galia Anderson suggests, "Find a toothbrush with features that are comfortable for you, but choose wisely because if the toothbrush is too big, it will be harder to get at all the places in your mouth to ensure good dental hygiene."According to the Readers Digest article, "Gum diseases are bacterial infections that destroy the gum and bone that hold your teeth in your mouth. When this happens your gums separate from the teeth, forming pockets that fill with plaque and even more bacteria. About 15 percent of adults between ages 21 and 50, and 30 percent over 50, have gum disease. And overall, studies find that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary heart disease as those who don't have it. "Gum disease may allow oral bacteria to enter the bloodstream, triggering the liver to make inflammatory proteins like CRP.

The bacteria may also play a direct role in injuring the arteries, according to researchers.Some people prefer manual toothbrush whereas others may be open to try something an electric toothbrush. This too will help to determine which toothbrush is right for you.For a consistent clean, consider a power tooth brush that allows for little effort on your part besides a gentle circular motion on your teeth and gums.
Vancouver Dentist, Dr. Galia Anderson believes, "A power brush is an excellent choice because you can't mimic the oscillation and rotation with your own hand. It is a must for people who have limited dexterity or a disability and the timer is a great way to make sure you are spending enough time brushing your teeth." Ultimately, ensuring your oral health comes down to choosing Online pharmacies, the right brush for you and taking the time to clean your teeth properly.