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How to Start Your Career in Swimsuit Modeling

por Florian Nicolle (2019-02-13)

Tips to Become a Swimsuit Model

Swimsuit modeling calls for more than have a perfect body and a beautiful face. These fitness type Models put in hard work, dedication, and a daredevil attitude.

It is possible to have a blissful career without surrendering your lifestyle, moral standards, or personal sense of style.

Getting started

When first learning how to become a swimsuit model, you'll need to follow these simple tips in order to learn the requirements. It's a given that you have to be well into fitness and exercise first and foremost.

No model agency is going to want a really skinny or overweight girl wearing a bikini.

Just look as the Sports Illustrated swimwear issue or check out websites like for some examples of the people they are looking for. You'll see nothing but hard bodies in these photos.

fit and curvy bodies and heights 5'5-5'8 and 90-110 pounds considered

good posterior and medium-to-large bust size

high confidence, be comfortable in your body

play the camera to your advantage, high quality sexy photos is a must (avoid looking too sluty or cheap)

7 Contacts and Sign-up Tips

When getting ready to find fitness model managers or agents, use these seven suggestions to have more of a chance of getting represented. Better to be prepared than not!

approach a credible agency with a few of your best snapshots and resume. Some models enter contests but agencies might be the shorter route.

play out your best qualities; elegance, confidence, intelligent behavior

when offered a swim suit job or auditions by an agent, always be suspicious unless you know them or have done previous jobs with this particular company. Do not agree to anything or sign paperwork until you have carefully examined all terms and conditions

always let the talent manager know how far you can go in poses and pictures; put it in writing

When shooting swimsuit model photos; if you get uncomfortable, air your sentiments immediately. Remember that it is your body - not theirs.

While walking the catwalk always show the swim wear or your cute bikini in such a way to entice the buyers to purchase it.

above all, have a positive go-getter outlook and make a real effort in pursuing your dream of a fashion modeling career with everything you've got.

Top 5 Swimsuit Models

Ready to go? Below, I've listed five big names you may recognize in the world of swimsuit modeling for women so that you can read their stories, get inspired and really make this a real goal. They are..

Brooklyn Decker, USA: 23, born in Middletown-Ohio, and grew up in Charlotte-N.C. Discovered and signed up as face of Mauri Simone at age 16. Graced magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Glamourand FHM; music videos of 3-Doors-Down and Jimmy Buffett, among others.

Taylor Matheny, USA: isi pulsa online 24 jam, hails from Tulsa-Oklahoma. Crowned Miss Bikini USA 2009. A personal chef and self-disciplined fitness model. Featured on several magazines, has an athletic yet pleasantly soft figure

Eliana Vega, Brazil: 31, born in Sao Paulo and raised in Rio de Janeiro by her grandparents. Earned the Miss Bikini Brasil title, 2010. Her petite figure and glamorous vogue is a popular wallpaper, most famous is the android application wallpaper.

Melissa Haro, USA: 25, been in swimsuit Modeling since she was 13. Made it to the final three models in Project Runway season one. Was featured in the 2008 and 2009 issues of Sports Illustrated.

Melina Pitra, Argentina: 27, started out at 20. Selected as the sexiest Bikini Babe by Hombre Magazine. Appeared in Argentinean magazines Claro, Paparazzi, Caras among others. Hosted Planet Fashion until 2007.

With this list and these swimsuit modeling tips you should be ready with the information you need to work toward learning to become a model so you'll be far ahead of the competition. The "how to" is not quite as important as the "what now" so don't delay if this is your career goal. Do something right now if it's only setting up your schedule for fitness training or contacting your first agency. You can only get jobs if you apply so go to it!!