Imagined Multiculturalism, Racialized Whiteness

JM. Persánch


This essay probes into the critique of multiculturalism paired with notions of racialization of whiteness. The introduction situates the reader providing a concise review of the historical facts that lead critics to predict the end of the multicultural model that emerged after World War II. This is followed by a discussion of the criticisms that this model receives to structure society in a globalized world. Lastly, the essay examines the political-cultural turn of whiteness toward skepticism about the multicultural model, where I argue that much of the discontent is due to the simultaneous of racialization of whiteness as well as the clash between two paradigms with opposing cosmogonies: the liberal and illiberal.

Palabras clave

Multiculturalism, Imagined Multiculturalism, Whiteness, Hispanic Whiteness, Racialized Whiteness, Migrations, Borders.

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