Implementación de un cluster computacional en un ambiente no dedicado usando una metodología diskless

Cristian C. Ruiz Sanabria, Erick Menéses C.


The computational Clusters have reduced to a reasonable cost the demand of computing that current researches require. Although, its cost is lower than the cost of a supercomputer, the processing power is directly proportional to the number of computational resources dedicated to it. Commonly, organizations have a huge number of computational resources dedicated to different activities, many of them are only being used during his labor times and in the remain time they stay inactive. This work pretends to develop a solution that can take advantage of this idle time, based on ramfs technology used on ramdisks, which allow to store a root file system completely in RAM. This propose has the objective of creating a diskless environment that provides a good performance of parallel applications execution, as well as the capacity of doing a deploy without any change in the client`s computer and with few configuration required on behalf of the user.

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